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Early years students experience Polish childcare system

Early year’s students from across Activate Learning have gained an insight into cultural differences in childcare provision, during a study trip to Warsaw.


Students were able to compare a Polish and English nursery school, by looking at the structure of the day and approaches to learning. Students also developed skills in communicating on a professional level with adults and children, who didn’t have English as their first language. They gained a perspective on how to support and understand how a young child may feel when they start at nursery or school and are unable to speak the language.

Megan Clark student aged,19, said: “Poland was a really fun and unique experience, we all wished we were there longer as we created some really good friendships while we were away.  The nurseries were totally different to how they are in England. It was amazing to experience how different they were and be a part of it. I also liked the city itself, on our free days it was good to go out for walks and see the city more”


Kia Armstrong student, aged 17, continues: “Poland for me was a great experience and I would happily recommend people do it.  Not only did I learn new things such as the language and the different style of teaching but I made some amazing new friends along the way. Going into a new childcare setting in a different country was an eye opener. We were able to see the differences between the Polish nurseries there and our English nurseries which was really interesting. I would diffiently go again!”


Nichola Beasley, tutor from Reading College said: “A really amazing experience for both students and staff. We learnt about a different education system and were able to learn about the difficulties faced by children and families who are unable to communicate with us in English.”