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Active start to the year for public services

Public services students at Banbury and Bicester College have been sampling future careers with a host of visits and activities.

In the first part of the autumn term the students visited Banbury fire station, took part in outdoor activities set by members of the Royal Marines, enjoyed teambuilding activities run by the Army and visited HMP Bullingdon.

The events have helped students to develop skills essential for a career in public services while gaining unique industry insights.

Reflecting on the visit by the Royal Marines, one student said: “Following a presentation on life as a Royal Marine the team led us in some gruelling physical circuits.

“We filled up jerry cans to the rim and ran from the college to People’s Park for a ‘warm up’. This involved running in circles then sprints for 200m in succession, followed by press-ups, squats and sit ups.

“We then moved into teams for further running and jerry can runs.  This was tough and horrible. Ten people pulled out yet the rest carried on with true grit and determination carrying the pride of their fellow students.”